Perry's Pianos: Fine Restoration & Refinishing Services
featuring our unique French Polish elegance 
conveniently located in Concord, Virginia near Lynchburg & Richmond
 Perry's Pianos: Expertise & Craftsmanship

Mark Perry, president and founder of Perry's Pianos is a fully trained master restoration and refinishing craftsman, trained under accredited woodworkers, gilders, and artists, also as a harp builder at American Harpworks.  There, he designed and blueprinted new harps, and worked on historical instruments, including Erard, Lyon & Healy, and Camac.  Soon after forming Perrys Pianos in 1994, his reputation quickly spread for being able to recognize the inherent quality of each instrument as well as the ability to combine beauty of appearance and historic technique. Mark Perry;s love for the piano is a passion as being himself an accomplished classical pianist. 

Perry's Pianos now employs professional craftsmen consisting of woodworkers, craftsmen, artists, tuners, and french polishers.  A few of the skills Perry's Pianos  bring to piano technology include hand carving, gilding, painting, design and fabrication of new parts, custom artcase instruments, fine furniture and harpsichords.  Perrys Pianos has restored over 300 pianos including various forte-pianos, pianos, harpsichords, and European pianos, and is now the only active Victorian artcase manufacturer in the United States. 

Please read about our unique French Polish elegance. Perry's Pianos is one of the few restoration facilities which has perfected the french polishing art  This is a breathtaking finish with luxurious magnificence that you will take exceptional pride in.  And this luxurious refinishing service is not limited to pianos alone. Because the piano refinishing is the hallmark of quality, you can be assured that your fine furniture will take on an unmatched look of beauty and magnificent beauty when it has been refinished in French Polish by Perry's Pianos.

Discover what Perry's Pianos can do for your precious instrument. The consultation is free and the care and craftsmanship given your piano in full or partial restoration is the very best in the world.

Serving Lynchburg, Richmond, Pamplin and surrounding areas. When it comes to piano tuning, no one can match our precision expertise. We know pianos inside out and are musicians, pianists, ourselves. When your piano needs tuning, count on Perry's Pianos to bring your instrument to it's optimum pitch and tone!

Perry's Pianos is easy to get to from all points in Virginia: Lynchburg, Richmond and all outlying areas ~ We're here for you and your piano!

Perry's Carved Legs:
Perry's carved piano or furniture legs are hand crafted/ This is quite a higher standard of elegance than the typical furniture company "cookie cutter" process. If you want the very finest in custom carved legs, look no further than Perry's Pianos where unequalled craftsmanship is a tradition.

Professional Piano Parts. Your piano is a precision musical instrument. Never replace it's components with "fits all" or "cookie cutter" made parts. At Perry's Pianos, we'll provide and install new parts for your piano custom designed by master craftsmen that will bring your fine instrument up to, even exceeding, the original manufacturer's specifications.

And ask about our restoration and refinishing services for Jaguar car interior panels and grandfather clocks as well as other fine furniture.