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French Polish Master Craftsmanship

Perry's Pianos works as a team to produce a quality of the highest standard simply not found anywhere today.  The tradition of French Polish includes the use of various natural shellac resins and grain alcohol.  The lengthy process can take several people weeks or even months to complete even a single piece of furniture, as they apply by hand in the same manner it was done in the 1800's.  The product, called shellac, was first discovered by western culture in India in the late 1700's.  "They apply by hand a substance which doth shine like glass".  This substance refered to is the excretion of various beetles.  The beetles form large masses of shellac flakes, which are then cut down with machines, graded by color and clarity, and then sold to be processed.  Perry's Pianos uses various grades and colors of shellac to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

Perry's Pianos supports the belief that the shellac is a superior finish to all existing finishes without exception.  This realization is based not only on look and feel, but on scientific fact.  Many production finishes sit on top of wood grain, leaving a "plastic shiny" look.  While shellac is shiny, it remains warm and inviting because it flows deep into the wood pores, and finishes smooth at the level of the wood.  Not thickly above it like other finishes.  This allows the wood grain to move in the light, show color variations, depth, character, and resiliant glowing.  It is also easy to see the "clear" difference in french polish.  As you walk up to furniture in a showroom, the top of the furniture looks satin or cloudy because you are looking at it from an angle several feet away.  Not so with Frendh Polish!!  Even from 10 feet away, you can see the clear beautiful grain on the top of the furniture!  It does not look cloudy from any angle in any light.  Try to find a finish anywhere to compete with that, as hinted in the picture below. You must see it live, in person to really marvel at the radiant finish!

Please Note:

The luxury and breathtaking beauty of French Polish at Perry's Pianos is not just limited to piano restoration. We can provide this stunning transformation to fine furniture as well. Since high end pianos are considered the hallmark of furniture, you are assured that French Polish is the very best for all good wood furnishings, including grandfather clocks, davenports, living room sets, sofas and chairs. 

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